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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fantasy Update

I've noticed that the blog viewing has declined over these past weeks. Perhaps another declaration of war would get people interested again. Huh? I'm just kidding. My reason for posting is to announce that my fantasy team is back in play-off contention. With two weeks left, I stand in 4th place, which is a playoff spot. If I keep up my win streak, I'll be in. I share a 3-6 record with Michards team and The Hippies, however, I have more overall points than them. But like I said, there's still some time left. The Abu Dhabi Bullets and The Winners appear to have already clinched a spot in the postseason, but the remaining two spots are up for grabs and it should be an exciting two weeks. Good luck to everyone (you're gonna need it). Heh heh heh.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I haven't posted in a little while, so I just want to give everyone (particularly those in other countries) a little update on what's going on. For starters, everyone who owes me money has paid, and it seems that we're taking a little break from betting now, but it's sure to start up again eventually. We're planning a road trip to California two summers from now. Should be a blasty blast. Chambers is mad he can't go, but we just don't have enough room. He insists that there would be plenty, but we're driving cross country here, and it will get crowded after a few days. Football finished with a disappointing 2-7 season. However, JV won 4 straight and finished with a 4-5 record. Better luck next year I guess. Winter will bring new activites for Big Lee. I plan on coaching basketball with the legendary Coach Clark. The team features my brother Mike. Enough said. We will dominate. My fantasy team seems to be struggling this year. I'm still optimistic for a turn-around though. Thats all I have to say for now. Peace.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fair Warning

This post is to all of those who owe me money. I'm not going to say any names (Mich, Chambers) cause they know who they are (Mich, Chambers). But if you don't pay me by Friday, 10/27, you will not be eligable to make bets for this weekend, and I will be very mad at you.

Advice to betters: put aside an "acount" with all the money you win on bets, and all other money you're willing to lose. This can be used in the playoffs and for the superbowl to make big bets. The key is only bet what you're willing to lose, because then you won't be sorry if you do, but if you win it's a good little bonus. Of course I never lose, cause I'm Lucky Lee. Peace.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sports Betting

Recently, I've developed a new hobby. That hobby is betting on pro football games (as well as the occasional college game). Not for a huge sum of money, but a little extra cash. It makes me want to pay attention to games I wouldn't normally care about. Once the world series gets underway, I plan to make a fairly substantial bet on one of the two teams.

My new ambition is to move to Las Vegas and make my living betting on sports. I'll start with a very small amount of money, then double that, and double that, and so on and so forth. I'll earn the nickname of "Lucky Lee" and be a local legend. Then, someone who happens to work for ESPN will be in Las Vegas on vacation. We'll be sitting next to each other at a bar and I'll be watching the games, making sure I win. The guy from ESPN will be so amazed by my ability to pick the winning team, and he'll offer me a job on Sports Center. It'll be a small segment called "Lucky Lee's Pick." Then, I'll have a steady income, but that won't stop me from making the occasional trip to Vegas and betting on the games. What a life, huh?

Monday, October 02, 2006

50 posts and over 200 profile views

Well, I've hit a couple milestones. This is my 50th post. Thats half way to 100 for those of you who have trouble in math. I believe I'm the first one to hit this number. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

I have also made changes to my profile, which I expected to generate many more views. My number jumped from about 170 to 211 in just a couple of days. I'm cathing up to Waldo, who is currently in the lead in that category. Who will be the first one to 75 posts? or 100? Only time will tell. It is my prediction that the blog world will get stronger and the posts will get better. Peace.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Sick Nasty Rap

That guy Mich thinks he has the best blog
But he's got nothing on Big Lee's Blog
I know I just rhymed blog with blog
I'll say it one more time: Blog.

Football of the Fantasy
Is one of Big Lee's specialties.
He's got a decent team its true
What can I say? That's how we do.

Bobby M is my nick name
Big Lee is my real name
I know I just rhymed name with name
Don't dare challenge me, rap's my game.

Michard from "What Michard Thinks"
Wears his purples, greens and pinks.
Wears some red and blue and yellow
He really is quite an odd fellow.

Scan Man sure knows how to jive
He knows that 2pac's still alive
He was my ally in the war
We dropped the atomic bomb through Chamber's Locker door

Chambers gossips all the time
And when he's pissed he whines and whines
"The Pillsbury doughboy" is what we call him
If wild dogs saw him they'd surely maul him

And last but certainly not least is Waldo
He's fond of his hair, so don't call him "baldo"
He fills his blog with interesting posts
Other than mine, it's the one I like the most.

Well, thats the rap, it came out good
But I must go back to the hood
Remember my rhymes are all in fun
So if you don't like what I said please don't come after me with a gun.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Blog War Over

Alright, Blog War 1 has been over for a few days now, but I just haven't gotten around to posting. Chambers finally surrendered, and Michard just went along with him. Its over now, and Big Lee can put another victory into the record books.

Waldo stated a fact before that was innacurate (But thats nothing new. If you look back at the Da Vinci Code war I had with him you'll see several incorrect "facts"). But anyway, his claim was that his blog was the first of our little group. The truth is that Fidel Giamatti created the first blog. He then convinced Waldo and myself to start one up, which we did the following day. I have a lot of respect for Waldo and his blog, but he just needs to get his facts straight before he goes on boasting. Peace to the world, the war is over, back to normal posts. Look for one soon on Big Lee's Blog.